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Ancient weapon and traditional armour of Kazakh warrior (Batyr)

Great batyrs such as Raiymbek Batyr, Batyr Kabanbai, Bogenbai Batyr, Batyr Karasai and other great warriorsmade the history of Kazakhstan. We must not forget the history and the life of ournation, so «Talisman» store chain to this day has a wide range of Kazakhstanbatyrs’ attributes. Kamcha, kalkan or shokpar are great symbolic gift to a man. A man must be bold, courageous and brave as a warrior throughout his life.

Kamcha is a symbol of power, strength of mind and respect. Kamcha hung in the yurt, guarded shanyrak from evil spirits, resembled the wife of firm hand of her husband, helped to bita frisky horse.

Kalkan is a shield, an ancient symbol of courage and strength of each Batyr, reliable protection from the enemy. Charm from enemies and a symbol of future victories!

Shokpar (mace) is an ancient symbol of power and control. It is a single principle and transfer of the board in one hand. It is made of solid wood, leather, inlaid stones, metal, horn and bone.

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